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Looking for a great Status Quo tribute band? This is the place to be!

Book our tribute band now for a festival (approx. 75 minutes) or a full show (approx. 2.5 hours). Of course we play all the big hits but also, especially for the fans, we complete the set with lesser-known gems such as Slow Train, Rolling Home and Big Fat Mama. We do not limit ourselves to the Frantic Four period. We believe that there are many good songs written after this period as well.  Our mission? To introduce a larger audience to the fantastic songs of The Quo because this band deserves a wider interest.  We play as many hits and accessible songs as possible and hope to reach new fans. As a selfrespecting tribute band should…..

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During a festival we play as many hits as possible. Depending on the available time, at least the following hits will be heard: Roll Over Lay Down, Down Down, Whatever You Want, Mean Girl, Mystery Song, Hold You Back, Rockin ‘All Over The World, Caroline, Paper Plane, What You ‘re Proposin’, Again and Again, 4500 times and last but not least ….. their biggest hit worldwide  ‘In The Army Now’.
If less time is available, we play a number of hits in a medley, just like our great examples. This way we can play a maximum number of hits when time is limited.

Or, book this Status Quo tribute band for a full show….

During a full show (150 minutes) we not only play all the hits as mentioned above but let the die-hard fans enjoy so-called deep cuts such as Softer Ride, Slow Train, Is It Really / Gotto Go Home, Big Fat Mama, Rolling Home, The Oriental, Creepin ‘Up On You and so much more ….
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