Great News! We’ve Found A ‘New’ Parfitt.

Great News! We’ve Found A ‘New’ Parfitt.

Thijs Kivits, Status Quo Tribute Band, Status Quo Forever

A warm welcome to our ‘new’ Parfitt: Thijs Kivits!

After several rounds of audition, he was unanimously chosen by us as the best candidate. Both in terms of vocals and guitar he comes very close to our hero Rick Parfitt. We are therefore very happy that Thijs completes our tribute band again.

Youngest Status Quo tribute band in the Benelux?

An additional advantage: the average age of the band drops considerably because Thijs is only 31 years old. Together with our drummer, this makes us by far the youngest Status Quo cover band in the Benelux by far. We just want to have it mentioned briefly 😉

Book now for season 2021 – 2022

In the coming weeks we will rehearse intensively. From September we can be booked again for festivals and from mid-October for an evening-filling show. Click here for more info and availability.